The “Prirazlomnoye” offshore oil field and the offshore ice-resistant stationary platform (OIRSP) “Prirazlomnaya” (the Pechora Sea)

The first in the history of Russia project for the purpose to develop the offshore resources of the Arctic Ocean and the first in the world project for the purpose to produce hydrocarbons in the Arctic offshore from the stationary platform.

Within the frames of the field development project it was designed the following: a production platform, an offshore transport and process system to deliver the finished product to the shore and the shore infrastructure designed to provide the field operation.

The main facility that is the “Prirazlomnaya” OIRSP shall provide performance of all the process operations in the field: drilling, oil production, oil storage, hydrocarbon processing and shipment of the finished product.

The Prirazlomnoye oil field development as a general design engineer (2000 – 2010) includes:

  • grounding of the investments into facilities constructing for the Prirazlomnoye oil field development;
  • designing the field development;
  • a complex technical and commercial assessment of the field development effectiveness.

Performing the functions of the general design engineer and the design organization during constructing the “Prirazlomnaya” OIRSP from 2002:

The “Morneftegazproject” LLC has provided management of full range engineering for the offshore production facility as well as the development and coordination of all the types of the technical documentation for constructing and operating the platform in particular:

  • consideration, acceptance and adaptation to the Russian legislation requirements of the front-end engineering documentation (FEED);
  • development of the regulatory documents for designing and construction of the platform;
  • feasibility study (project) development of the platform;
  • passing all the necessary coordination and expert appraisals at the Russian supervisory authorities;
  • arrangement of the works and technical support for issuing the working construction documentation;
  • preparing the ordered documentation to purchase the equipment and materials;
  • development of the testing programs and methods;
  • development of the operational documentation including the platform technical descriptions and operating and service manuals;
  • the platform construction design supervision;
  • the platform operation design supervision;
  • grounding the investments into the object re-equipment

The offshore gas and condensate field “Shtokmanovskoye” and the “Severnoye syanie” and “Polyarnaya zvezda” drilling units (the Barents Sea)

The project to develop the natural gas field that is one of the largest in the world.

Preparing the documentation for a complex development of the Shtokmanovskoye gas and condensate field (ShGCF) and designing the drilling units (2004 – 2010):

  • grounding the investments into the field development project (as the General Design Engineer);
  • development of the design documentation of the drilling and process complexes of the semisubmersible drilling units (SSDU);
  • development of the FEED documentation of the ShGCF – Shore offshore gas pipeline and the design documentation for the offshore twin pipeline (subsea part) and the fiber-optic communication line (subsea part). The design documentation has passed the state environmental expertise appraisal;
  • adaptation (development of the sections of the technical project in accordance with the Russian legislation requirements) and a technical support of the “Severnoye syanye” and “Polyarnaya zvezda” SSDUs performed by the foreign design companies.

The Kirinskoye gas and condensate field (the Okhotskoye Sea)

The project of producing liquefied hydrocarbon gases for the autonomous gasification of the Sakhalin region with a perspective to ship them to other regions of the Far East district and for their export abroad:

  • working out the field development in part of grounding selection of the shipment place of the liquefied gas on the Sakhalin Island and the main technical and process decisions related to the shipment and sea transport (2013).

The Yuzhno-Kirinskoye field (the Okhotskoye Sea)

  • development of the documentation for the conservation and abandonment of the wells located in the Yuzhno-Kirinskiy block (2013 – 2014).

The Ayashskiy license area (the Okhotskoye Sea):

  • participation in preparing documentation to use the Hakuru-5 SSDU during construction of the prospecting and appraisal well (2017).

The fields of the Kara Sea shallow water offshore

Front-end engineering of the main and auxiliary technical facilities for drilling wells and hydrocarbons production (2014):

  • working out the structure design and technical fit-out of the main and auxiliary facilities;
  • technical facilities for drilling wells and hydrocarbons production in the fields located in the ultimate shallow water offshore of the Kara Sea (with the depths of 4 m and less);
  • considering the matters related to the intra-field transportation of the hydrocarbons along the water area - shores route.
  • The Anabaro-Khatangskaya saddle occurrences (the Khatangskiy Bay of the Laptev Sea)

    The potentially oil and gas bearing areas located in the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory:

    • considering the field development options for the potentially hydrocarbon bearing areas of the Anabaro-Khatangskaya saddle (2013).