Scientific and research works of Morneftegazproject

The scientific and research work related to collation of the conditions that influence upon development of the hydrocarbon fields located in the continental offshore of the Russian Federation (2014):

  • Description and analysis of the geographic and climatic, logistic, process parameters that are essential for developing offshore oil and gas fields located in the offshore of the Russian seas: the Azov, Baltic, a part of the Bering, White, East-Siberian, Caspian, Kara, Laptev, a part of the Sea of Okhotsk (including the Sakhalin Island offshore), Pechora, Black, Chukchi Sea, Sea of Japan.

The “Offshore drilling to develop the hydrocarbon fields in ice conditions similar to the Sakhalin offshore of the Sea of Okhotsk” research (2014):

  • Analysis of the technical facilities and methods of drilling in ice conditions similar to the Sea of Okhotsk in the area of the Sakhalin Island (Kirinskiy license block). The aim of the work is to identify the possibility to perform drilling operations during a year-round on the basis of evaluating the existing and perspective process decisions. The received results may be used to choose the methods and evaluate the time of drilling when developing the offshore hydrocarbon fields and also to become a prerequisite for the development of the technical facilities applied in the conditions of the freezing seas.

The complex of the consulting works for developing the fields located in the continental offshore of Vietnam including the researches of the possibilities to apply floating complexes for production, liquefaction, storage and shipment of the natural gas (FLNG) (2015):

  • Analysis of the world experience related to the projects of the natural gas liquefaction directly in the offshore fields, systematization of the projects, defining the possibilities, risks and perspectives for preparing decisions to ground the FLNG selection to be used in the future projects of developing offshore hydrocarbon fields.