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The main tasks of the company in the area of the industrial safety and protection of labor:

  • providing safe labor conditions, the employees health protection;

  • constant development of the management system in the area of the industrial safety, labor and environment protection;

  • forming a corporate culture in the area of labor protection, industrial safety and the environment protection;

  • request from the subcontracting organizations to use standards and codes in the area of the industrial safety, labor and health protection accepted at your company.

Labor protection at JSC “Morneftegazproject” is a complex of the behavior rules at the working places taking into account the specific character of arranging the project works that have a purpose to preserve the life and health of the employees, to prevent the employees getting injured or their disease development.

The main provisions related to the labor protection are represented in the regulatory and procedural documents of the company developed in such a way so that they could protect as high as possible each employee from getting injured.

Arrangement of the labor protection system supposes giving introductory, primary, unplanned and current instructions.

Special evaluation of the labor conditions (SELC) is the most important component of the labor protection system. Its main task is to evaluate and minimize the influence of harmful and hazardous industrial factors upon the employees. The SELC implementation shall be arranged periodically when new working places appear. The results of the SELC shall specify the order of providing guarantees and compensations to the employees allowed for by the RF Labor Code.

For the purpose to train the employees in the area of labor protection at JSC “Morneftegazproject” it is envisaged to conduct obligatory periodic training courses related to the civil defense, fire fighting minimum, first aid treatment.

Besides the managers and responsible experts shall pass training according to the requirements of the industrial safety accepted in the oil and gas industry, and they shall pass an attestation at Rostechnadzor (Russian technical supervision department).

The engineering employees to be sent on business trips to the OIFP “Prirazlomnaya” shall additionally pass training in the area of environmental safety, and they shall practice the skills of safe abandonment of helicopter at the training course “Basic training related to the safety matters and emergency procedures for the work on board the offshore objects of the continental offshore” (BOSIET - Basic Offshore Safety and Induction and Emergency Training).